OUR Vision

We are a network of Roane County churches, businesses, and community leaders working to bring people from every sphere of influence together to create initiatives for spiritual and social transformation.

Through praying, serving, sharing, and collaborating, our partners work together as we trust God to build a community where everyone can thrive.

OUR Mission

We unite the church to engage the community, so everyone thrives.

Priorities: What Thriving Means

All of Us Fed

No one going to bed hungry tonight, and everyone moving toward a self-sustaining future.

All of Us Free

Everyone moving through addiction and mental health challenges in order to live fruitful lives.

All of Us Safe

Every child surrounded by loving parents or guardians. No person abused, trafficked, or exploited.

All of Us Ready

Every young adult graduating from high school ready to live the life they were created to live.

All of Us Whole

Every person discovering victory in Christ, and thriving in a healthy church family.


Theological Distinctives

Roane for All embraces the historic, orthodox documents of the church known as the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. We also leverage the Lausanne Covenant for how we help churches partner around church multiplication. Our theological distinctives listed below act as an anchor to give clarity for who we are and motivate our work.

  • THE CENTRALITY OF CHRIST –A radical and unwavering commitment to Jesus, in whom we have been united to God, and is at the center of our identity and mission.
  • THE UNITY OF HIS CHURCH – A commitment to the reality that the church of is already one in Christ, and that when lived out is the most powerful expression of Jesus’ gospel to our city.
  • THE FLOURISHING OF THE COMMUNITY – A commitment to seeking the shalom of the community, which is the epicenter of both culture and Christ’s mission in our region.

Pathway to Achieving the Vision


We invest in gatherings for prayer, friendship, and collaboration. Practical help and lasting hope are only delivered on the rails of meaningful and loyal relationships. And unity is built by the people who are in the room.


We will step outside of our silos, and build cross-domain networks in order to build sustainable solutions. These networks will center around Prayer, Service, Evangelism, and Unity. This requires a shared commitment to our vision, mission, priorities, and values, as well as a willingness to invest in one another and in this work well into the future.


Our leaders and partners are committed to learning, discovering, and growing together. Solutions to systemic brokenness are not easily forged, but they are possible when we walk in wisdom and courage together.


We cannot address every problem at once, but as we build the network of partners, we will also determine an immediate, focused area of engagement. This allows us to work together, learn best practices, and deliver practical solutions in a timely manner.


Roane for All has established a steering team comprised of local pastors and community leaders, and currently includes the following:

Matt Cannon | President

David Acres

Phil Merrill

Wade Creswell

James Griffith

Nathan Wray

Kathleen Cherry | Treasurer

David Williams

John Pryor

Russel Jenkins

Mckayla Gallaher

Tim Hawn

Next Steps

Our Steering Team is praying together and developing a framework for this collective impact initiative. In the early stages of this work, we will be assessing the community needs, identifying existing resources, and convening pastors and community leaders to determine short- and long-term strategic initiatives.

We are a development organization with the intent of mobilizing practical help now, as well as affecting change in social structures that will allow the next generation to thrive.

Connect to the Roane for All Network

Roane for All is a member of The Everyone’s Welcome Network.