OUR Mission

OUR Purpose

The Gospel compels us to see every neighbor as fellow Image-bearers possessing inherent value and worth. We have the outlandish dream that every person in our community can experience the life God created them to live. So, we join Jesus’ kingdom work to produce spiritual and social transformation in the community.

OUR Values

OUR Priorities


Sustainable solutions for neighbors in poverty


Wholeness for those ravaged by addiction


Foster families for children in need


Life-changing success for every student

OUR Work

We unite, inspire, equip, and unleash churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits to do good and deliver hope as we pursue the transformation of our community.

OUR Strategy


Jesus invites us to approach the Father in prayer with confidence that He hears and responds to those who seek Him (Matthew 7:7). So we invite the Church to pray, and we create various opportunities to unite our community for prayer in public gatherings and well as in private settings.


Brokenness exists in every corner of every community, but that's not the end of the story. So we share the vision, tell the stories of transformation, and provide practical resources and training for churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits who want to do great things together.


We really do believe we are better together. So we provide opportunities for churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits to work together for the good of our community. We connect congregations with community partners who are already doing good. And we create “collaborative tables” where people from every sphere of influence can discover lasting solutions together.


When everyday Christians move into pockets of vulnerability and build meaningful relationships with their neighbors, genuine life-change and community transformation happens.So, we create clear pathways that allow neighbors to serve neighbors so that everyone can experience the life God created them to live.


  • Enlist 1000 Prayer Partners
  • Mobilize 100 churches and 50 businesses to engage with our mission
  • Create robust partnerships with all 33 public schools in Wilson County
  • Train 750 school partnership volunteers who invest 27,000 hours/year in our public schools
  • Create “collaborative tables” that bring sphere of influence leaders together to solve our biggest challenges
  • Develop a community engagement model that can serve communities beyond Wilson County, Tennessee
  • Add 300 “St. Patrick Partners” who provide monthly financial support
  • Increase the annual operating budget to $500,000.
  • Build endowments to $250,000
"As I have watched how Everyone’s Wilson has evolved over the last year, I have never been so happy to see the leadership of the faith-based community encompass the public and private sector, whether it is government, education, business, or our non-profit entities. It is about the spirit and mindfulness of community, embedded in kindness and love, and presented as Everyone’s Wilson!”
Dr. Donna L. Wright
Director of Schools, Wilson County School District (2014-2021)