As a business and sphere of influence leader, you already invest significant resources in the community and your work makes a meaningful impact in the lives of your employees, their family, vendors, customers, and the community at large.

Economic impact, however, is just the beginning. Marketplace leaders want their investment to go as far as possible to make a holistic, transforming impact on the people they serve.

That’s the goal of Everyone’s Wilson: to give people who care about making a lasting change the opportunity to do just that.

Everyone’s Wilson builds collaborative networks between churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits in order to remove barriers and create achievable steps for community transformation.

Four Steps for Community Transformation

DREAM & Design

We help you design a Community Transformation Plan

CONNECT & Collaborate

We connect you with community partners who are already working in the most significant pockets of vulnerability

ORGANIZE & Prepare

We provide training, resources, and support needed to move your church toward meaningful community impact

HELP & Hope

We learn, correct, celebrate, and grow to build long-lasting, sustainable, Gospel-driven transformation in the lives of people who need it the most


  • Clear, purposeful community engagement
  • Holistic approach that connects organizational health to community transformation
  • Deepening and collaborative relationships with trusted community partners
  • Growing knowledge base for greater future impact
  • Opportunity to join God’s kingdom work that will outlast you

Business Partners agree to do these three things:

To pursue the peace of the community

To participate and collaborate as a community partner

To subscribe as a financial investor


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"Everyone's Wilson is an incredible movement of churches, a Big Vision for the City, to feed the hungry, help people break free of addiction, remain safe and prepare our students for the future. Just as Jeremiah proclaimed to "seek the peace and prosperity of the city," Everyone's Wilson is doing just that."
Rev. Jerry Moll
Founder & President, Living Sent Ministries