Everyone’s Wilson is a coalition of Gospel churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits working together for personal and community transformation.

OUR Story

Before Everyone’s Wilson began, Tim Bryant and Daryl Crouch began a friendship around the conversation of racial reconciliation. Tim, a black pastor and Daryl, a white pastor, believed Jesus would want them to lead their congregations to grow in love for one another.

They believe that there is just one race, the human race, and that the solution to division between people is a heart change that only Jesus can accomplish. It’s love fueled by godly repentance that reconciles us to God and to one another.

From this friendship and from their work together, other churches began to join in the conversation. They started to ask new questions about the community and the needs among their most vulnerable, marginalized neighbors.

After meeting with community leaders in March 2018, they identified the major needs in the community, and decided that being “ministers of reconciliation” meant not only a change of attitude, but a change of actions. They believed that if Jesus-loving churches could work together to share and show the Gospel, God could transform the entire community.

So with a passion to unite and mobilize local congregations to do good and deliver hope to people who live in the most profound pockets of vulnerability in our community, Everyone’s Wilson was born.

THE Model

The ministry of Jeremiah began to inform the work of Everyone’s Wilson. As a prophet to the Israelites during their Babylon exile, Jeremiah gave these instructions:

This is what the Lord of Armies, the God of Israel, says to all the exiles I deported from Jerusalem to Babylon: 5 “Build houses and live in them. Plant gardens and eat their produce. 6 Find wives for yourselves, and have sons and daughters. Find wives for your sons and give your daughters to men in marriage so that they may bear sons and daughters. Multiply there; do not decrease. 7 Pursue the well-being of the city I have deported you to. Pray to the Lord on its behalf, for when it thrives, you will thrive.” – Jeremiah 29:4-7

The calling for God’s people who were far away from home was to plant their life in the city, pursue the peace or wholeness of the city, and to pray for the city.

Everyone’s Wilson leaders looked at Jesus’ ministry. In Luke 9, for example, he told his disciples to “proclaim the kingdom and heal the sick” (Luke 9:2). Do good and deliver hope. And even as the apostle Paul engaged religious leaders, he also paid attention to the condition of the cities in which he served. In Athens, for example, his ministry was deeply entrenched in the public square with political, marketplace, and thought leaders (Acts 17).

POCKETS OF Vulnerability

Through a collaborative effort with community leaders in 2018, they discovered that hunger, addiction, safety, and education were enormous challenges for too many of our neighbors. So these four issues led the Leadership Team to focus on these four priorities:





OUR Mission

We unite the church to engage the community, so everyone thrives.

OUR Vision

Everyone’s Wilson is a network of churches bringing people from every sphere of influence together to create initiatives for spiritual and social transformation. Through prayer, service, evangelism, and collaboration our partners work together to build a community where everyone can thrive.


There are so many reasons to celebrate the health of this community, but a person does not have to be a religious or spiritual person to understand the profound brokenness around us. As people of faith, the coalition of Everyone’s Wilson sees this brokenness as a result of people not experiencing the life their Creator, who deeply loves them, designed them to live.

Everyone’s Wilson also views local, Jesus-loving churches as beacons of light and hope. So the dream is to unite, inspire, equip, and mobilize churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits to take the light and hope of the Gospel into every pocket of vulnerability.

The community saw this pictured in the wake of a tornado that hit in March 2020. Although the damage devastated so many people, the deepening relationships that had formed through Everyone’s Wilson since 2018 allowed the coalition to mobilize thousands of volunteers in a short amount of time. They quickly delivered help and hope because they did it together.

So the dream to see Jesus-loving people from every sphere of influence in the community to create lasting change inspired the Everyone’s Wilson Leadership Team to take new steps to identify an Executive Director who could further develop the mission, vision, and strategy of Everyone’s Wilson and ultimately accelerate a Gospel movement of personal and community transformation.

In April 2021, Daryl Crouch became the Executive Director of Everyone’s Wilson. With the goal of community transformation, Daryl and the Everyone’s Wilson team will focus on building the coalition, on-ramping strategic community partners, and then inspiring, equipping, and unleashing churches, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits to serve people in the most vulnerable pockets of vulnerability in the community.

How Everyone's Wilson Serves Churches & Communities

By providing a biblical framework, practical tools, and best practices, we help local churches unite and then gather the community around Jesus’ kingdom mission of spiritual and social transformation through gospel work and witness.

What does Everyone's Wilson do?

  • Convene – Lasting change happens by people who are in the room. We bring people together.
  • Coach – Best practices and theological frameworks increase impact. We serve churches so they can do what they were created to do.
  • Catalyze – Meaningful opportunities and clear pathways motivate people to serve. We equip and mobilize churches and local partners to serve.

Through these three roles, The Everyone’s Welcome Network helps to unite local churches to pray, serve, share Jesus, and collaborate together. We help to create, equip, and empower local networks to build solutions that allow every person in the community to live the life they were created to live.


Everyone’s Wilson embraces the historic, orthodox documents of the church known as the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. We also leverage the Lausanne Covenant for how we help churches partner around church multiplication. Our theological distinctives listed below act as an anchor to give clarity for who we are and motivate our work.

  • THE CENTRALITY OF CHRIST –A radical and unwavering commitment to Jesus, in whom we have been united to God, and is at the center of our identity and mission.
  • THE UNITY OF HIS CHURCH – A commitment to the reality that the church of is already one in Christ, and that when lived out is the most powerful expression of Jesus’ gospel to our city.
  • THE FLOURISHING OF THE COMMUNITY – A commitment to seeking the shalom of the community, which is the epicenter of both culture and Christ’s mission in our region.

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MEET Our Team

DARYL CROUCH Executive Director

After 28 years pastoring local churches, Daryl founded Everyone’s Wilson to help local churches work together and build collaborative networks to pursue the wholeness of their community. So with a track record of both church and community experience, it’s Daryl’s hope to inspire, equip, and unleash everyday followers of Jesus to plant their life in their community, pray for their community, and to pursue the peace of their community (Jeremiah 29:4-7). Daryl is married to his high school sweetheart, Deborah. They have four children and live in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

MELANIE WILSON Community Partners Director

A graduate of The University of Texas with over 20 years of experience in financial services, Melanie serves as our Community Partners Director. In that role she builds and coordinates our school partnerships known as the Ready Initiative, and connects our growing network of churches, businesses, and nonprofits to our mission of uniting the Church to engage the community, so everyone thrives. She has a teenage son and daughter, and they live in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Advisory Team Member

Lead Pastor, Providence Church

Advisory Team Member

Teaching Pastor, The Fellowship; Director of FCA, Wilson County

Larry Grainger
Advisory Team Member

Pastor, Abundant Life Church

Mark Satterfield
Advisory Team Member

Pastor, The Glade Church

Bishop Bobby Sanders
Advisory Team Member

Pastor, Corona Baptist Church

Advisory Team Member

Pastor, New Tribe Church

"The challenges that face any community are many and varied in this time in which we live. It’s refreshing to have spiritual, faith-based leadership connect outside of the walls of “The Church” with the community to impact lives in a very positive way. Prayerfully, this will reduce the need for law enforcement to deal with individuals only in negative connotations. I am thankful for Everyone’s Wilson, and the role they play in our city and county."
James Hambrick
Chief of Police, Mt. Juliet, TN & Co-Pastor, Cloyds Presbryterian Church