Nonprofits serve the community in phenomenal ways by bringing specialized passions and skills to meet specific needs. Most are sharply focused on solving a unique problem and they are experts in their field.

In the work to address a specific need, however, many nonprofits find themselves in silos isolated from the larger community. As a result, they lack the relational, organizational, and financial networks needed to move their mission forward.

Everyone’s Wilson unites the church, marketplace leaders, and nonprofits who seek the welfare of the community. So by building collaborative networks, we connect people who want to do good with nonprofits and other community partners who are already doing good.


  • We help you build and cultivate meaningful relationships and collaboration with other community partners
  • We introduce you to church and marketplace leaders who want to make a difference
  • We develop a holistic approach that connects your nonprofit’s mission to community transformation
  • We resource you in a way that grows your knowledge base for future impact

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"Everyone's Wilson is exactly what Wilson County needs! Daryl Crouch and his team are mobilizing the resources of the church of Wilson County for the good of the community. We are better together thanks to Everyone's Wilson."
John Grant
Minister & Executive Director Compassionate Hands